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When you are running errands in the city – like taking back library books – there’s nothing quite like an impromptu terrace dinner date.

Once we finished our errands, LP was all like, “I’m hungry.” And I was all like, “Me too.” So I decided a tartine (i.e. open-faced sandwich-like thing that’s oh, so French) sounded good. We made our way to L’Epicerie and called it a date. I had an amazing turkey and veggie salad tartine and LP got rillettes de canard. Dang! After our tartines, it was time for ice cream at Toscani.

For the past week I have been making daily visits to Toscani (conveniently around the corner from L’Epicerie). In fact – the woman behind the counter knows me and expects me to over indulge with at least three scoops on a cone. Serious! Tonight, however, I was not able to do it. I could only manage a single scoop. I did find out their opening hours – maybe tomorrow before catching my flight I’ll get a triple scoop.


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