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God and Satan debate: Who will get the soul of the hard-working carpenter Kuzma after he is struck dead by a poorly aimed bolt of lightning that God had intended for the Devil? God wins the first round of arguments for the soul of Kuzma. Up he goes to heaven, but soon enough Kuzma is getting in trouble and not able to enjoy simple pleasures (he wants some booty and a smoke. What’s so bad about that?)

Literally bored as hell, Kuzma starts stirring up trouble so that’s where he goes, to hell. At first things are fine and dandy down under, but quickly the orgy of drink and ugly women gets old – plus ugly booty can only go so far. Eventually Kuzma escapes back to the living world with a pig-boy, who becomes a boy-boy upon exiting hell, and restores a burnt village, where he finds happiness (booty and drink).

The end.

The above is my attempt at a synopsis of the 18 minute short “Neither God Nor the Devil,” a Russian stop motion film from 1964. Now watch it yourself and tell me what you think.

There are more than 900 videos from the animation studio Soyuzmultfilma (which made Ни богу, ни черту) featured on a YouTube channel here.
Some of my favorites are: Daughter of the Sun, Ball of Yarn and Geese Swans.


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Last year I posted about a few cameras that I had picked up second hand. I never got around to posting the (scanned) photos I took with one of the Zenith SLR cameras…until today. All the photos were taken in the 13th arrondissement of Paris – the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood in the southern part of the city.

It was a grey, sunless day, but the warm tones of the objects in each photo are almost like their own sources of light. While walking around trying to find a theme for my roll of film, I became obsessed with all of the discarded and disused items on the streets. Feel free to take a peek the whole roll on my flickr page here.

I really like shooting with my film cameras. They force me to reflect and focus on the frame as a whole image. Before shooting a single frame, I account for all of the elements in my viewfinder – it’s sort of like meditation.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Tonight I went to see Rio Bravo with Jim (from the Panhandle). It was being shown in one of the university amphitheaters. We arrived too late to catch the “American apéro”, but just in time to find a seat before the movie started. My favorite scenes were with Angie Dickinson as Feathers, a sassy gal who came in on the stagecoach, and the short musical interlude with Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson who played the deputy sheriffs (watch below).

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Women are heroes.

Last night, I went to see Women Are Heroes.

Posters advertising the film started showing up all over Paris the first week of January. The image of the woman looking frankly at the viewer and the large block text attracted my attention.

A few weeks ago, I saw an ad for the film in the newspaper Libération. In small print at the bottom of the ad there was an email address to register for free tickets. Bam! Free movie tickets = cheap date.

All I can say about the film – beautiful.

Women from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the slums of Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Kenya and India tell their stories. Mothers. Widows. Prostitutes. Daughters.

The French filmmaker/artist JR is known for his large format photo projects. This is a larger-than-life project. During the film the women are interviewed and photographed making silly faces, with eyes closed, smiling… The portraits of these women are then plastered all over the walls and roofs of their favelas and slums with the help of volunteers from the slums and others. These photos are even on dump trucks and trains. Bridges. Pillars. Churches. Doors. Trolleys.

Go see it and support independent artists.

Visit JR’s website: http://www.jr-art.net/

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