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**Disclaimer** This post deals with revelations and discoveries I had while pooping, so feel free to add “while pooping” to the end of sentences you see fit to modify.

I subscribe to Scientific American, a popular science magazine that’s been published for over 160 years  – some months I read the whole magazine and some months it doesn’t get cracked it until months or even a year later. In reality what happens is that there is a rotating collection of these magazines next to the toilet. So yes…I am distracted by science while seated on the porcelain throne.

A few days ago, I was skimming the October 2012 issue of Scientific American and found this gem on the page 80:

Great news, America! It’s a simple graphic depicting the US in pretty colors, showing the decline of the well-being of most of America. At first glance you’re like, “Ok! America is getting fatter and drunker.” Then, WHAT??!!! The article says, “And yet Americans are smoking less and exercising more”! Amazing…my poo that is.

What I didn’t see immediately is that what “they” (Scientific American or the source listed on the side of the page: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) consider “exercise“.

Look at it again a bit closer:

Did you see it? Did you see how they define exercise? “Participated in a physical activity during the past month.” How does a single physical activity equal exercise? And what is “physical activity”? Does walking from your living room to your car to take a trip to the Starbucks drive-thru count? Can taking the stairs down to the basement to put the laundry in the washer count? Going to dinner with friends? Does pooing count as “physical activity”? It should. Think about the last time you were enjoying a BM, your whole core was engaged.

Don’t get me wrong, the statistics for smoking, obesity and drinking all make sense and are clearly defined, but this “exercise” category is weak sauce.

Seriously Scientific American…


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