The new year may have started over a month ago, but Mondays are the best for (re)starting things.

During my time away from the blog I covered a many thousand miles, celebrated my first American Christmas in 7 years, hiked in the Central Oregon desert, ate hundreds of tacos, drank tons of West Coast brews (Black Butte Porter), experienced the Polar Vortex, gained 5 pounds (winter blubber), made new friends, read stacks of books, had long talks with long-lost friends, found a new obsession or two, made plans, cancelled plans and mostly tried to remember to do, see, eat, touch, hear, make something beautiful every day.

May words and random experiences reign once again!!


I run. It started innocently enough this summer with the goal of getting fit for another go at the GR 10 in the Pyrenees. Sadly, a bad case of shingles and a few other setbacks forced me to set that plan aside for another time. But the running continued. It felt good. It feels good. As a flatlander, I’d never really thought much about the purpose of a hill. Here in the city there may not be a single hill more than 10m high. Before my introduction to the world of trail running this would never have posed a problem…now it does. I want to fight gravity to get to higher ground with my heart pounding and gallons of sweat pouring down my back. With each breath I want to smell the seasons changing instead of car exhaust. I want the ground below me to change with each step.

A wise person once said, “Hills are made for running up.” And that same wise person then made me watch this video.

hurry up and slow down

fall, autumn, colors, leaves

I’m glad to be back home after an unexpectedly long sojourn in Berlin.
It was there where I saw autumn bloom, with its long shadows and misty mornings. I witnessed the death of summer and the birth of autumn.

Hiking is nice, but so is napping.

selfie, napping, Vosges

a new tradition

Perhaps it’s a bit too early to say that we have a summer tradition…but our 2nd annual trip up the Rhine to catch up with friends in from NYC was wunderbar.

friends, Drachenfels, Rhine

Friends, bike rides, insect hunting, boat rides, sausage,
cakes, late nights, beer, new words, old stories,
growing children, more sausage, early mornings,
climbing a mountain, cuddles, playing Uno, rain,
sun, train rides, cartwheels, laughing and more sausage.



Urban scenes: Berlin

Schillingstraße, Berlin

Schillingstraße, Mitte, Berlin

Volkspark Humboldthain

Volkspark Humboldthain, Berlin

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Görlitzer Bahnhof U-Bahn, Berlin

alsaciennes, costumes

Quartier des Contades, Strasbourg, France