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coffee, Zuckerstück, BerlinVisit #1: We went in just for a coffee. The day was grey and we hadn’t had our first cup of joe, which is of course necessary before a long walk across Berlin. I love a perfectly made latte, but was looking for a more bright and bold short cup of coffee at that particular moment. I ordered an americano. My LP took the same. It was divine. The crema was a perfect golden color. The Zuckerstück, cafe, Berlinaroma was rich and chocolatey…it didn’t hurt that a chocolate torte was baking in the kitchen behind the counter. No milk, no sugar. Acidic notes with a cocoa finish. I spied cakes and small tarts elaborately garnished in the small counter-top vintage refrigerated cake display along other homemade yummies arranged on covered glass cake plates. Trying out the baked goods would have to wait until our next visit, since I had just eaten a Pfannkuchen from Siebert’s (click the link to read about it in another post) down the street. We read the paper and enjoyed the aromas passing under our noses.

Visit #2: This time we “went in just for a coffee”, but I changed my mind…dropped the coffee idea and took an amazingly gorgeous slice of blueberry and mascarpone layer cake. It came topped with a delicate violet flower. LP took a coffee. Best decision of the day.

cake, Zuckerstück, Berlin

The whole cafe seems to be a two-person operation. The finest detail is not overlooked – cozy cocktail chairs, 1950s-era tables and an old radio serve as a simple and comfortable setting for this lovely cafe.

Zuckerstück (link takes you to their site in German) is a few minutes walk from the Schönhauser Allee U-Bahn station on Schivelbeiner Str.

Visit #3: It’s already scheduled…what are you doing for brunch tomorrow?

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Strasbourg is under a beautiful blanket of white snow. So this afternoon I decided to venture out into the winter air to have lunch with a friend on her lunchbreak. We found a cozy corner table at Christian near Place Broglie and each had the plat du jour and dessert (and don’t forget an espresso).

It was just the fuel I needed to run my errands: library, university and grocery. By the time I got home I had to call LP down to help me carry the shopping up the five flights of stairs – I thought that my arms were being pulled from their sockets walking back from the tram. (It probably wasn’t necessary to buy so many canned goods or the 3kg bag of potatoes, but it’s a good idea to stock up in case of bad weather, I had a coupon and was sufficiently caffeinated.)

Once home and all three pair of tights were peeled off my legs I decided to bake a loaf of bread for dinner. Danke, Gut und Günstig! It turned out perfectly and made the apartment smell like a dream. While the bread was rising in the kitchen, I harassed my LP for help on my Russian pronunciation and vocabulary. Then after dinner I worked on JQuery exercises a bit and voilà – day over.

Enjoy the song and keep warm (preferably with a ‘wintertime love’).

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1. On a walk today I discovered a cluster of 8 or so small decorated trees near the Pont du Rhin. The decorations looked more like they were there to scare away birds than to celebrate Christmas and three of the trees were tied to light poles. It was all very post-modern/post-apocalyptic and very nice.


2. Tonight after supper all I wanted was something sweet and spicy. You know how after a delicious meal at home all you want is dessert, but since it’s home and you are trying to reduce the number of sweets in the house cos your LP has a moderately serious sugar addiction you can’t even find a bar of chocolate? Luckily Jim (my LP) remembered our stash of gingerbread dough in the fridge. So I dug out the cookie cutters for the first time this year and baked some dang cookies. https://i0.wp.com/farm9.staticflickr.com/8064/8233564616_d249b33644.jpg

Yum! Have a sweet Friday night.

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When you are running errands in the city – like taking back library books – there’s nothing quite like an impromptu terrace dinner date.

Once we finished our errands, LP was all like, “I’m hungry.” And I was all like, “Me too.” So I decided a tartine (i.e. open-faced sandwich-like thing that’s oh, so French) sounded good. We made our way to L’Epicerie and called it a date. I had an amazing turkey and veggie salad tartine and LP got rillettes de canard. Dang! After our tartines, it was time for ice cream at Toscani.

For the past week I have been making daily visits to Toscani (conveniently around the corner from L’Epicerie). In fact – the woman behind the counter knows me and expects me to over indulge with at least three scoops on a cone. Serious! Tonight, however, I was not able to do it. I could only manage a single scoop. I did find out their opening hours – maybe tomorrow before catching my flight I’ll get a triple scoop.

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There’s nothing better than an LP* standing next to a Milka cow, surrounded by thousands of chocolate bars.


*Life Partner

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It was supposed to have been a surprise. It would have been my second surprise birthday party…fail (and actually the first one was planned by a friend but she was the only one who showed-we’re still best friends-the others decided they had other plans). It wasn’t due to me snooping or figuring it out because of my LP’s strange behavior – that’s a part of life. My LP had been scheming the whole thing on Facebook literally less than 2 meters away from me (I don’t have a FB account and we share an office). No, the culprit was a not-so-careful attendant who decided to make a home phone call the day before the party to inform me of her presence at the soirée. Boooo!

No matter. It was an amazing evening with delicious cakes and loads of friends. We even made s’mores in the living room.

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