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Clic-Clac photo marathon, 4th prize, old woman, strollerIn June, I was awarded the fourth prize for the Clic Clac Photo Marathon (see my post about it here). The prize was a week-long photography course at the Kunstschule in Offenburg, Germany. So all last week I got down and dirty with my DSLR.

The course was taught by art photographer Axel Bleyer. He walked us through all the manual settings of our cameras. We talked about the golden mean. We discussed ISO and aperture. And our project was to shoot images that included the color red. Seems pretty easy, right? Well sort of, the class was 100% in German and, sadly, my German skills are pretty mediocre (Hallo. Ich bin Melissa). Luckily my classmates and Axel were keen on helping me understand. Good people. It was a cultural, linguistic and artistic experience that really stretched me. By Friday evening, at the open house, I felt just like a kid on the last day of summer camp – exchanging numbers, hugging, making plans. It was great. Below are some of the images I made during the week.

spring, shadow

ladders, construction site

sewer, drain, dead leaves, garbage

bench, shadow, dead leaves

Mehr Liebe - Graffiti


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Graphic signage is a weakness of mine. I like to read bumper stickers. Today out on a stroll around the center of Strasbourg, I lucked out on catching a glimpse of the gem you can see below. The orange, three-dimensional, block lettering contrasts perfectly with the rotting paint and Renaissance architecture.

garage, signage, orange

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I’m pleased to announce my new blog melissa takes a hike – a site dedicated to my journey on the HRP (beginning ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!).

Currently there a few articles and pages up. You can read the why and the what of it all. I’ve highlighted a few books that have helped prepare for the journey on the Ex Libris page. The My Pack page is under construction – it should be up in the next day or two and give the details on all my gear.

On the right side of the blog you can see “melissa tweets”. My intention is to keep the twitter feeds coming from the trail (via SMS when there’s service). @melissainfrance Though the blog won’t be updated from the trail – you will find twitter updates. Then sometime in November once we’ve completed the trek the plan is to make regular updates of  the people we met, our daily adventures and our struggles on the HRP.

Please go to melissa takes a hike and sign up for email updates (just above “melissa tweets”) – and if you haven’t already sign up here for fossicking updates do it.

Thanks for all your support!

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The streets of Paris are pretty quite on a Sunday morning – even around the Gare du Nord things are quiet. You may pass an occasional homeless man who’s still sleeping soundly in his sleeping bag, but even the cafes seem deserted.

This particular morning the clouds were creating beautiful patterns in the sky. It was cool and perfect.

The best way to spend the first morning of being 30 – walking the empty streets of Paris with my LP.


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Rue La Fayette – crossing the bridge over the Gare de l’Est train yard.


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escaping the heat

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All I need for a really good day is a scoop of Murray’s and a friend or two to share it with.

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