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Santa Claus showed up to deliver gifts this morning wearing a FedEx uniform.

Merry Christmas!


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For more than half of my short adult life I have lived abroad (in a socialist-communist (that’s what they think) country with a one-world currency (think apocalypse) and good healthcare).

Every summer I head back the the motherland and make the rounds – mostly visiting my ginormous family. After a few days I get my fill of the family drama that I have cleverly escaped…and could potentially get sucked into if I’m not careful.

No matter how short (or long) my stay, I try feasting on at least one KC barbecue meal and several scoops of Murray’s ice cream every day (even on a Monday). That is enough to keep me going until my next summer visit without ever getting homesick…sort of.

I get friendsick sometimes. It sucks.

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Spending a week digging through the archives here.

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first snow

December hasn’t disappointed – we got snow!


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