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1. On a walk today I discovered a cluster of 8 or so small decorated trees near the Pont du Rhin. The decorations looked more like they were there to scare away birds than to celebrate Christmas and three of the trees were tied to light poles. It was all very post-modern/post-apocalyptic and very nice.


2. Tonight after supper all I wanted was something sweet and spicy. You know how after a delicious meal at home all you want is dessert, but since it’s home and you are trying to reduce the number of sweets in the house cos your LP has a moderately serious sugar addiction you can’t even find a bar of chocolate? Luckily Jim (my LP) remembered our stash of gingerbread dough in the fridge. So I dug out the cookie cutters for the first time this year and baked some dang cookies. https://i0.wp.com/farm9.staticflickr.com/8064/8233564616_d249b33644.jpg

Yum! Have a sweet Friday night.


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While visiting London not too long ago, Jim and I headed up to Highgate Cemetery to pay homage to Karl Marx. This was my first excursion into a historical English cemetery. It was incredibly beautiful – ivy vines suffocating the oldest gravestones and climbing the leafless trees, small paths winding through the graves carpeted by wet leaf rot, a red fox casually walking along a broad alley. The damp cool air added to the eerily magical atmosphere inside the cemetery walls.

After wandering around the graves for a while, we eventually found what we had come to see – Karl Marx. His larger-than-life bust is set on top of a 2 meter high pedestal. Quotations from Marx are etched around the pedestal. Around the base of the monument, a few people had left flowers and handwritten notes held in place with small stones.

The philosophers have only interpreted the world,
in various ways; the point however is to change it.
-Karl Marx

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