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Dear blogosphere friends,

Tomorrow – I make my way to the trailhead of the HRP in Hendaye – where the journey begins.

For the next six weeks, I will be mostly off the grid – with the exception of a few Twitter SMS (feel free to follow me on Twitter @melissainfrance.) and texts with my LP. That means no new posts from me for a while.

Take a long walk – by yourself or with someone you love. Enjoy and appreciate the living world around you, for fossicking’s sake.

See you later.




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When you are running errands in the city – like taking back library books – there’s nothing quite like an impromptu terrace dinner date.

Once we finished our errands, LP was all like, “I’m hungry.” And I was all like, “Me too.” So I decided a tartine (i.e. open-faced sandwich-like thing that’s oh, so French) sounded good. We made our way to L’Epicerie and called it a date. I had an amazing turkey and veggie salad tartine and LP got rillettes de canard. Dang! After our tartines, it was time for ice cream at Toscani.

For the past week I have been making daily visits to Toscani (conveniently around the corner from L’Epicerie). In fact – the woman behind the counter knows me and expects me to over indulge with at least three scoops on a cone. Serious! Tonight, however, I was not able to do it. I could only manage a single scoop. I did find out their opening hours – maybe tomorrow before catching my flight I’ll get a triple scoop.

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There’s nothing better than an LP* standing next to a Milka cow, surrounded by thousands of chocolate bars.


*Life Partner

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I’m pleased to announce my new blog melissa takes a hike – a site dedicated to my journey on the HRP (beginning ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!).

Currently there a few articles and pages up. You can read the why and the what of it all. I’ve highlighted a few books that have helped prepare for the journey on the Ex Libris page. The My Pack page is under construction – it should be up in the next day or two and give the details on all my gear.

On the right side of the blog you can see “melissa tweets”. My intention is to keep the twitter feeds coming from the trail (via SMS when there’s service). @melissainfrance Though the blog won’t be updated from the trail – you will find twitter updates. Then sometime in November once we’ve completed the trek the plan is to make regular updates of  the people we met, our daily adventures and our struggles on the HRP.

Please go to melissa takes a hike and sign up for email updates (just above “melissa tweets”) – and if you haven’t already sign up here for fossicking updates do it.

Thanks for all your support!

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It was supposed to have been a surprise. It would have been my second surprise birthday party…fail (and actually the first one was planned by a friend but she was the only one who showed-we’re still best friends-the others decided they had other plans). It wasn’t due to me snooping or figuring it out because of my LP’s strange behavior – that’s a part of life. My LP had been scheming the whole thing on Facebook literally less than 2 meters away from me (I don’t have a FB account and we share an office). No, the culprit was a not-so-careful attendant who decided to make a home phone call the day before the party to inform me of her presence at the soirée. Boooo!

No matter. It was an amazing evening with delicious cakes and loads of friends. We even made s’mores in the living room.

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