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self-portrait with husband

rue Saints-Pères, Paris – FR.

My feet are killing me after a few days of rambling through the city in a pair of boots that were definitely not made for walking (more than 10 km per day).


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bus 67 – direction Stade Charlety.

rue Rivoli, Paris – FR.

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Paris: the most photogenic city in the world – the architecture, the people, the cobblestone streets, the brasseries, the cafés, the monuments, the museums – they are all worth at least one cliché.

For four years, nearly every day, I wandered aimlessly through the streets, mostly with an SLR or point-and-shoot in my bag. This time, as a visitor, I’ve left my cameras at home. Instead I’ve only got the camera function on my Blackberry to work with. And so far I’ve been surprised at some of the beautiful images I’ve been able to capture.

On Wednesday the Louvre is open late, so I went to explore the Egyptian wing with Alex, who had just arrived from a two-week trip to the Orient and was leaving for Strasbourg that evening. I tried to decipher the hieroglyphics and explain the grammar to her. Maybe just one and a half semesters of Middle Egyptian isn’t enough to read entire papyrus rolls…boo! We parted ways at about 8 p.m. – Alex to Strasbourg, me to find food.

I stumbled upon this tiny Japanese ramen restaurant called Sapporo. I sat at the bar and watched them prepare bowl after bowl of roasted pork ramen. Yum! I slurped next to an older Japanese man my own bowl of chashu ramen. For EUR 8, I didn’t feel like I was paying 1st arrondissement prices. They also had all sorts of saké, but since I was alone…I stuck with a carafe of water.

Yesterday I explored the Centquatre in the 19th arrondissement. That place deserves a whole post to itself. Then an evening studying at the Pompidou library.

In just a bit I’m heading out with Jim to say hello to Père Lachaise cemetery’s socialist residents and pay tribute to the Mur des Fédérés. Happy Friday!

A view from the TGV.


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It’s a beautiful day to cross the Hexagon.

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a beefy weekend.

it was a beefy weekend with visitors from Geneva (Cecily et Will).

Friday night: Le Pied de Mammouth They have the yummiest burgers in the hood. I know there are two other beef-centered restaurants that flex their burger muscles in Strasbourg, but I like the low-key and casual feel of Le Pied. The fries are amazing…the beef is organic…the beer is local. There’s nothing better. Oh, and the girl who runs the whole sha-bang is super nice. For Eur 12 you can enjoy a burger, fries and a beer. I think that’s how much a cheeseburger costs at McDonald’s in Geneva. Win!

Saturday night: Steak dinner at home. We roasted some little taters, cooked up garlic green beans and pan-fried 4 faux filets. The apartment smelled like a garlic and herbes de Provence orgy. Oh yeah! Cecily (the friend from Geneva) and Will (the boyfriend of Cecily from Geneva) imported stinky cheese from Switzerland for our cheese course. Très stinky. Our fridge is still recovering from the shock. The meal was complemented by a bottle of red and witty banter. After dinner, Cecily introduced us to New Girl. It’s pretty awkward. I approve.

Note: Cecily and I became friends through knitting (notice her scarf) and random trips to Emmaus (photo below: c. 2005 our first trip) while I was on university exchange in Strasbourg.

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Terrace culture in Strasbourg on a sunny February afternoon at Place Kléber.

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Work is advancing…slowly…since returning from my late-morning walk in the snow. There are now just 75,000 words left to edit by Monday. Registration documents are not the most exciting texts to work on (those of you (fellow translators) who are lucky enough to know what I’m talking about know what I mean), but YouTube videos help break up my day. Currently, breakfast, lunch and dinner are fading memories. I don’t eat meals anymore. Instead, I  alternate between cups of coffee and random leftovers found in the fridge. Today I ate matzo crackers with cheese, a Snickers bar, a yogurt cup, leftover soup, popcorn, hot cocoa (not really “food”) and Fraise Tagada (!). I drank a few glasses of water, 2 teas, one glass of orange juice and about 4 cups of coffee. You get the picture. And while you’re at it enjoy some of my pictures from today.

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