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ligne 8 – direction Créteil

…always something to read in his hands.


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The entrance of the Palais de Tokyo had meters and meters of tubes running through the airspace of the open entrance. Transporters raced through the tubes suspended from the ceiling by cables.

I remember going to the bank drive-up as a kid with my mom. From the backseat of the grey Dodge caravan I watched watch the tubes go from the machine next to our van all the way to the bank teller working inside the bank. If the teller saw that I was in the car I would get a Tootsie Roll Pop when she sent the receipt out to my mom. Sometimes the teller didn’t see me or just didn’t think about me and I didn’t get anything.

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snowing in the milkyway

The original plan for today was to summit the Eiffel Tower which is something that I have never done in my long séjour in Paris. Even as a tourist I never went to the top. In fact, the closest I’ve come to the top is level 2. I took the stairs to level 2 on a rainy October in 2002.

Today was a mission fail as well. We waited in line for over a half-hour to find out that the top was closed. To make it to the top, a 45-minute wait would be necessary and then a second ticket purchased for the ascent. Pass.

We hopped out of line – it was more like crawling between bars – and instead went to the Palais de Tokyo.

Once inside, we downed a bowl of homemade pumpkin soup from the self-service café counter. We followed up our lunch with a café crème and a pecan cereal bar.

After lunch we found a black-and-white photo booth. We indulged ourselves and took 8 clichés (4 per session for EUR 2).

The exhibit Fresh Hell was on. My favorite part of the exhibition were the 3 stone heads and the story of the 3 kings of Judea. Their heads were decapitated from their stone bodies at Notre Dame cathedral during the Revolution by the French revolutionaries. The revolutionaries were mistaken on the identities of the figures in the cathedral. They were not French Kings, but instead religious figures…religious or not, king is a king, right? Anyway, they hid the heads somewhere around Paris. I don’t imagine they’d really want to carry them too far. 3x life-size is not travel-size. They were found near Chaussée d’Antin and when they were digging up the city for a building project in a later century. Misguided vandalism.

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Warm, spicy and sweet.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.


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